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    GAIL launches India’s biggest athletics talent hunt GAIL: The Fastest Indian

    +110    GAIL launches India’s biggest athletics talent hunt GAIL: The Fastest Indian Hunt for the next Milkha to identify and develop Olympic-level sprinters 
Ambitious project…

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    Cellphones to be charged with sound

    +490   On a quest for optimum utilisation of abundant energy around us, a group of scientist have been successful in converting the sound of traffic, roar in…

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    Kerala prepares for Onam Festival

    00   Sunday onwards, Kerala will dive into the festivity of Onam, marking the commemoration of Vamana Avtara of lord Vishnu.  Onam is also considered to be…

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    A teacher changed our life? Did one change yours?

    00   A teacher changed the life of Super 100 at GAIL Utkarsh? Did one change yours? Share your story with us in the comments section below…

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    India and Japan to come together for LNG imports

    +20     Honbl PM, Mr. Narendra Modi and his counterpart Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have decided to extend their cooperation in LNG buying. Recognizing the…

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    India and Renewables

    +30   As per a report published on the economist, only 2% of India’s land should suffice for generating 100% of electricity required through renewable sources like…

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    India eyeing investments from Japan in renewables

    00    As of now our Honorable PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, is in Japan strengthening our relationship with the leader in technology.  He is also accompanied…

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  • Investments in renewable

    +230    Its a good news that almost every country is now feeling itself responsible for conservation of nature. It is clear by the prediction that…

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    Get your daily dose of infotainment instantly on Facebook

    00   Never miss your daily dose of infotainment. Get notified as soon as we post it on Facebook, by clicking on “Get Notifications” button on our…

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    Possibilities in natural gas exploration

    00   Do you know that 48% of India’s overall sedimentary basin area is yet to evaluated for hydrocarbon reserve potential. Nearly 60% of the total area…

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