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    Shale Gas : Origins

    00   Basically, Shale gas is natural gas – primarily methane – found in shale formations, some of which were formed300-million-to-400-million years ago during the Devonian period…

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    What is CBM?

    00   Coal Bed Methane (CBM) are Hydrocarbon gases formed in coal beds during the coal matter metamorphism process, i.e. changing of its structure, properties, and composition…

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    GAIL (India) Limited received Sustainability Reporting Award by Indian Chamber of Commerce

    00   GAIL (India) Limited received Sustainability Reporting Award during India Corporate Governance & Sustainability Vision Summit & Awards 2015 by Indian Chamber of Commerce. Indian Chamber…

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  • Our strategic endeavours are aimed at strengthening India’s energy security

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    GAIL listed on the Carbon Disclosure Program

    +40   Last year we took a part in the Carbon disclosure program, which is a non profit organisation looking to to mitigate risks in climate change…

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  • Launch of Bond Investments

    +10   We have launched INR Bonds worth Rs. 500 Cr on private placement basis at cut off coupon rate of 8.30% p.a. fixed through Book Building…

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  • The Role Of Natural Gas In Energy Independence

    00   India is the world’s fourth largest consumer of energy and has set its sights on energy independence by 2030. Energy independence is necessary to provide…

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    Natural gas transformation process

    0-1   As natural gas is extracted and sent to a refinery in a raw state, many impurities and additives come along with it. To further refine…

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  • Natural Gas, the energy of todays future

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  • GAIL pavilion - we won the most innovative stall award at the event.

    GAIL Wins at PLASTINDIA 2015

    +9-20   We participated in PLASTINDIA 2015, India’s Largest plastic related exhibition and exhibited the potential of GAIL when it comes to polymers and other plastic based…

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